About Electric Wire

David Lyons – Guitarist/Composer, Calvin Lyons – Drums, Vic Pacek– Acoustic and Electric Bass.  Electric Wire fuses styles ranging from post-bop, rock, blues, with poly meters to four on the floor. it is hard to put Electric Wire into a box.

Electric Wire was formed in 2018 as a vehicle for Lyons compositions. The sound was fueled by hours of experimentation in the studio. Although the band started as a Guitar/Keyboard/Drum trio with varying personnel contributing to the recordings (see recording credits) Electric Wire’s current line-up, Lyons son Calvin on Drums, and Vic Pacek on Acoustic and Electric Bass now give the band its live energy and foundation. Electric Wire performs a body of original work that is sometimes complex and non-conventional. The trio explores harmonic and metric variation along with improvisation, honoring soul and emotion with the intent of bringing their audience along for the ride.  Electric Wire’s rock influenced sound, spirit of exploration, and a propensity for dynamics are intended to give to the listener something to take away. On occasion the band will re-work a Charles Mingus or Jeff Beck arrangement in an attempt to help guide the bands growth and reintroduce the music to new audiences.

David Lyons grew up playing in bands in Rochester NY in the 1970’s. After attending transformative live shows by Holdsworth IOU, Weather Report, Frank Zappa, Lyons decided to head to Boston to study at Berklee College in the 80’s.  There he started to gain an understanding of jazz, fusion and 20th century classical music, while connecting with an excellent caliber of musicians in the Boston music scene.

While living in Boston he performed Blues/R&B, Funk, Rock, Jazz/Rock, a Zappa Ensemble, as well as Avant Garde groups. He formed King Bee, and R&B act The Kingtones, and assisted at a local studio on some Rounder and Blacktop records opening his ears to the profession of making records, and eventually formed a recording studio devoted to experimental music.   

Lyons founded Sonic Circus Studio and Alt Art Music publishing company as well as Sonic Circus Presents, a family operated live events production company. currently concentrating on his group Electric Wire. Lyons has played or recorded with members of Tedeski Trucks, Blues Traveler, John McLaughlin, Daptones, William Parker, Amir Ziv, The Blue Notes, Sean Lennon, and others and currently runs Sonic Circus Recording Studio a non-commercial studio dedicated to recording alternative and experimental music.

Calvin Lyons drumming for Electric Wire Is also a proficient guitarist and equally comfortable in the recording studio on both sides of the glass.  Calvin began playing guitar at the age of 2.  He divides his time between Philadelphia and Vermont, while in Philadelphia he performs and tours in his own band Squid Party, as well as Delay 77, Shid and curates house shows as well as club van tours.  As part of the Phili indie scene playing as many eclectic bills as possible, as well as drumming with Electric Wire, Calvin is a solid, versatile and open-minded player. In 2022 he curated the bill for the Sonic Circus Music Festival, and in 2023 he was the creative director for the festival.

Vic Pacek (Bass Guitar) has been with the Electric Wire since 2021. He joined after moving back from Nashville where he was a session musician at Carriage Works Studio. (2018-2021).  Pacek started out on Tuba as a kid and is an adept reader and interpreter of Jazz standards as well as a fearless improviser. His bass playing and musical ability enable him to understand and retain Electric Wires complex passages effortlessly while bringing a playfulness to the music.  He became a perfect fit for the Electric Wire bass chair.